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For a more up to date link list, check The PT Boat Forum, a great reference site for historians, modelers, family members of PT boat veterans, and those that just want to learn about the boats. It is owned and run by Dick Washichek, a man that I think has done more to promote PT boat history than anybody else. Also available on the site are scans of original documents such as Elco and Higgins parts catalogs. Check here for beautiful PT drawings of his: Image hosting account for the PT Forum set up by Dick Washichek. Navy manuals including ordnance like the 20mm, 40mm, and depth charge. Motor Torpedo Boats, Tactical Orders and Doctrine, July 1942 Detail Specifications For Building Motor Torpedo Boats, March 1944 Motor Torpedo Boat Manual, February 1943 At Close Quarters, PT Boats in the United States Navy by Captain Robert J. Bulkley, Jr., USNR (Retired). Patrol, Gunboat, Submarine Chaser and Section Patrol Craft Index. Photos of many specific PT boats. PT King, Gene Kirkland's reference site. Updated content February 2013 with many new large images. Dick Washichek graciously hosts it for Gene. A web site dedicated to PT 127. Many great images, deck logs, war diarys, and action reports are available there. Dedicated to the preservation of PT boats. Copies of original photos, construction drawings, and much more are available there. The Navy Department's "Nomenclature of Naval Vessels", February 1942. Includes a "Glossary of Shipbuilding Terms". Great reference site by Patrick Clancey The Machine Gun. History, Evolution, and Development of Manual, Automatic, and Airborne Repeating Weapons by George M. Chinn, Lieutenant Colonel, USMC NavSource Naval History, Photographic History Of The U.S. Navy and a great reference site. Accurate plans of coastal forces boats by esteemed Naval History expert Al Ross. Forum PT 109

Louisiana Library Higgins Blueprints

Some interesting PT info including famous crewmen

Great story by Dick Keresey, site dedicated to a grandfathers service on PTs 209 and 243

Researcher@Large Many Ships-2 update memos and instructions as well as other historical documents.

Environmental and health links courtesy of Mary Wrobleski and others

How smoking can affect our environment:

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Providing clean water to Ugandans in need:

Stop smoking before it stops you:

RX Dangers, information and statistics on defective drugs and medical devices:

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